Machining Titanium

Machining titanium is one of Talon’s specialties, and it’s commonly used for clients in the aerospace, medical, semiconductor, and technology industries. Think of Talon as your one-stop shop for all your titanium machining needs.

To have complete control over all phases of manufacturing titanium components, Talon produces its products in-house from raw stock. This includes all stages of the production process from raw materials to final inspection and packaging.

In-house manufacturing allows Talon to control all aspects of production to ensure each stage is completed correctly and with outstanding precision. It also allows Talon to maintain its independence from outside vendors, which helps the company provide quick turnaround times for orders.

Contact Talon to discuss your specific product engineering requirements. Or call us at 320-251-0390 for Machining Titanium components that meet the most challenging purity and dimensional specifications of demanding industries.