Talon IGS/TMS™ (Talon Modular systems)

Our innovative TMS modular gas delivery system is becoming the industry standard gas delivery platform, as it is the only platform capable of supporting all popular connections such as Face Seal, C-Seal, and W-Seal configurations while simultaneously reducing the footprint over conventional gas panels. Talon’s modular architecture sets the industry standard for size, configurability and uptime, often leading to significant cost reductions and increases in productivity.

Talon Innovations is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced fluid and gas delivery systems, valves, and fittings for specialized high purity fabrication and process equipment. Our products can be applied to a wide range of demanding industries, including semiconductor, medical, aerospace, power generation, pharmaceutical, chemical and more.


Talon Innovations manufactures a full line of conventional and modular Diaphragm Valves that are engineered to meet or exceed all industry standards in performance and purity. Our Conventional Diaphragm Valve (CDV) series provides outstanding reliability and value for conventional mounting systems, and our modular Diaphragm Valve (MDV) series is engineered for modular, surface mount systems. All of our valves are engineered to meet SEMI specifications, provide outstanding reliability and performance and are compatible with all competitive systems used across all high-reliability industries. Talon’s valves are manufactured at our headquarters near Minneapolis, MN where we keep most products in inventory to reduce your lead times. Our manufacturing capabilities, vast inventory and engineering make Talon your single source for all of your gas and liquid delivery system requirements.


Talon Innovations manufactures all seal interfaces required for your application. Our offering includes standard and high flow C-seal interfaces as well W-seal interfaces in standard 1-1/2” and 1-1/8” configurations. Talon’s TMX brand C-Seal represents an upgrade to competitive, market-standard designs. Seal performance and reliability are vital features of any gas delivery system. The TMX C-Seal has fieldproven success rates for first-time sealing that beat the competition, which translates into improvements in efficiency and productivity for you. Our precision manufacturing processes provide the highest-quality parts for your application.


Talon Innovations manufactures a full line of standard Face Seal Fittings, Nuts, CGA Connections, Substrates, Bridges, Manifold Bases, and more. Talon has tremendous expertise machining exotic materials required for nearly any demanding application. Talon’s Face Seal Fittings are produced entirely in-house in our manufacturing facility at our headquarters near Minneapolis, MN. We keep most products in inventory to reduce order lead times. From raw stock through electropolishing, to class 100 inspection and packaging, Talon controls all stages of production and is not dependent on outside vendors to control these critical processes. Talon manufactures custom Face Seal Fittings, Butt-weld Fittings, End Caps, OEM Housings, OEM Custom Fittings, Manifold Bases, Mixing Blocks, C-Seal and W- Seal Mounts and more. Our vertical integration of processing capabilities and engineering services make Talon your single source for all of your gas and liquid delivery system needs.


Most competitive modular gas delivery systems are limited by the availability of compatible accessories such as Ports, Check Valves, Flow Restrictors, Spool Pieces, or Top Caps. Talon is the only manufacturer that offers a full line of compatible, surface mount accessories in both “surface mount” and “sandwich” configurations. Talon has tremendous expertise machining exotic materials to meet virtually all project demands. Talon also offers engineering support to customize products for your application and has rapid prototyping capabilities to provide you with the best solution for your project requirements.