Precision Machining

Talon Innovations provides custom precision machining services to demanding industries such as semiconductor capital equipment, medical device, aerospace and other industrial industries where ultra-high purity, exotic materials and exacting standards are the norm. Talon’s state of the art machining centers include Milling, Turning, Swiss, Mill-Turn, and 5-Axis covering virtually any application. Our precision machining capabilities are the core to our contract manufacturing offering for your complete solution requirements. At Talon, we take on the projects that others cannot or will not do.

Wire/Tube Bending

Talon’s state-of-the-art CNC bending equipment provides tight tolerance wire and tube bending capabilities not readily available in the marketplace today. Talon’s CNC bender will form tubing with a diameter of 3 - 12.7mm or wire diameters of up to 8.0mm and is capable of complex, multi-radius, 3 dimensional bending accommodating nearly any shape your product demands. Talon’s engineering and bending capabilities will help you accomplish the most difficult of requirements from prototype to production.


Talon Innovations takes pride in the ability to machine a wide variety of materials required by our customer and high reliability industry demands. In addition to more common metals such as Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. Talon specializes in machining exotic materials including Copper, Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium, Monel and Nickel.

Talon also machines non-metallic materials including plastics, quartz and ceramics. We aim to be your one-stop shop in meeting all your material requirements.

Engineering Services

Talon has extensive engineering resources to support your technical requirements. Talon understand the criticality to prototype delivery at the earliest stages of product development. We boast a highly experienced team of Application Engineers accessible to our customer engineers for technical support. We utilize the most current product engineering services including Design for Manufacturing (DFM), 3-D modeling, finite element analysis (FEA), and more. We have the equipment and knowledge to bring your concepts from ideas to reality. Talon’s ability to transition from prototype into scaled and sustained production gives you the full service partner for all your development and production needs.

Vertical Integration

Talon understands your need for capabilities beyond machining. We have invested to vertically integrate many capabilities inside Talon’s walls to maintain quality, reduce leadtimes and minimize your sourcing costs. Talon maintains a class 100 weld room for your ultra-high purity applications as well as robotic and MIG welding covering nearly every weld requirement. Our clean line offering ultrasonic or alkaline cleaning and nitric or citric passivation reduces the need to find alternative sources. Talon’s class 100 clean room covers your packaging requirements and our extensive inspection knowledge and equipment ensure you will receive the quality your application demands. Talon’s experienced materials management team manages all outside services required reducing your supply chain and leadtimes.

Talon’s engineering, machining capability, supply chain management and vertical integration creates a one-stop shop covering all our customer’s full-service requirements.